About the establishment of our company, Horseforex has won high recognition from the industry for its high quality service and stable and secure trading platform. As one of the well-known and highly respected foreign exchange dealers in the industry, we aim to provide ultra low cost and ultra low Delayed quality customer service to provide customers with a safe and highly transparent financial derivatives market.

Open Account FAQs

What documents do I need to prepare to become a Horse Forex customer?
"A valid photo ID or a color copy of the passport (or an official ID issued by an authority, such as a driver's license). The identification must include the customer's name, effective date, valid address, date of birth. Effective mobile communication number and common email address Proof of valid address within three months of the same name as the account application (eg electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet, or cable TV bill "
How long does it take to create a real account?
Why choose MT4?
Why choose MT5?
Can I apply for several trading accounts at the same time in Horse Forex?
What is the minimum deposit amount for a Horse Forex trading account?

Account Overview FAQs

What is an ECN ?
ECN electronic automatic synthesizing mode, the full name of Electronic Communications Network. He is actually an electronic trading network, which belongs to the advanced stage of electronic development in the financial market, while foreign exchange ECN is a foreign exchange trading technology that uses a centralized-distributed market structure. This model is done in close cooperation with banks, institutions, the foreign exchange market and technology providers. The trader's list is directly and anonymously hanged on this network, each list is in the same position, according to the optimization of price and time fairness.
What is the difference between ECN mode and STP mode?
What is spread?
What is the number of Horse Forex ECN trades?
How many kinds of leverage can the Horse Forex ECN offer?
What is STP ?
How to make profits through STP on the platform?

Trading FAQs

What is forex?
Forex is the abbreviation of international exchange. Foreign exchange is a means of payment for international settlement expressed in foreign currency. Such payment means include credit instruments and securities in foreign currency, such as bank deposits, commercial drafts, bank drafts, bank checks, foreign government treasury bills, and long-term and short-term securities.
What is forex trading?
Where is the foreign exchange market?
What is the unit of forex trading?
What does it mean to do more and short in forex trading?
What is a spot metal transaction?
How to trade precious metals online?
If you want to hold precious metals for a long time, does overnight interest have an advantage?
What is a commodity transaction?
What is a commodity CFD transaction?
What are the characteristics of Commodity CFD trading?
What is the role of leveraged trading in commodity CFD?
What are the advantages of the commodity CFD trading?
What is a stock index?
What is an index CFD?
What are the main index CFDs varieties?
What is the Dow Jones Index?
What is the HK50 ?
Is US stock suitable for value investment?
How to trade US stocks in Horseforex?
What is the contract size of HorseforexUS stocks?
What are the advantages of stock contract products?
What is cryptocurrency?
What is Bitcoin

Platforms FAQs

How can I gain access to the MT4&MT5 platform?
To start trading on the MT4 platform you need to have an Horseforex MT4 trading account. It is not possible to trade on the MT4 platform if you have an exiting Horseforex MT5 account. To download the MT4 platform click here.
Can I use my MT5 account ID to access MT4?
What instruments can I trade on MT4&MT5?

Others FAQs

What is the spread?
Like other financial products, there are bid prices (seller asking price) and selling prices (buyer bids) in foreign exchange trading. The difference between the bid price and the ask price is called the "spread (price difference).
What is the trading unit in foreign exchange trading?
Why is the spread higher than before in sometime ?
What is swap?
Why do you charge three times the overnight interest on Wednesday?
Why is there an negative interest rate for overnight interest collection?
What is the trading time of the foreign exchange market?
Does the difference in each trading period have an impact on the disk?

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