What are CFDS

CFD price volatility is one of the most liquid markets in the world.

About CFD

"The CFD, Contract For Difference (CFD), is currently very popular with retail investors worldwide. A CFD is a contract between a buyer and a seller regarding a spread. The contract requires the seller to pay the buyer the difference between the contract price and the settlement price of the commodity in cash (if the difference is negative, the buyer is required to buy the seller). Payment), the transaction of the commodity entity is not involved in the whole process, so we can also say that this is a kind of investment behavior calculated by calculating the difference between the opening value and the closing value of a certain commodity. The transaction amount in the contract is the difference multiplied by the number of price contracts specified in the contract. The commodities involved in the Horseforex CFD are stocks, indices, futures, cryptocurrencies and other financial derivatives."

  • Wide variety and wide choice
  • Stable and safe, low risk, high return
  • Track global stock market price dynamics
  • Flexible leverage, long and short
  • No need to actually hold, no need to pay multiple fees
  • International investment


In the history, precious metals have always been used as a hedging tool. The market is hugely traded and is the most popular trading variety in the world. The safe-haven value of precious metals determines that it has value-preserving and value-adding functions during periods of large market volatility. No matter what market conditions, precious metals pass. The portfolio has sufficient trading opportunities and investment value. Enjoy high liquidity at the Horseforex, 100% automatic order fulfillment, with the fastest and most stable trading environment in the industry.


"Commodities are the natural resources of the world, processed and become the raw materials needed for industry and industry. The supply factors of these physical goods in the market, combined with the complex factors affecting their demand, will cause prices to fluctuate. Commodities are traded on CFDs. Through CFD trading, the two parties exchange the difference between the opening and closing prices of the asset. Based on the expectation of price movements, you can make long and short orders, flexible trading opportunities and instant diversification to receive traders' likes. Horseforex offers a wide range of CFD products such as crude oil, natural gas, cotton, and sugar."


"The index is a reference number compiled by a stock exchange or financial service institution to indicate changes in the stock market. It is used not only by investors to predict market trends, but also by political or business circles to observe politics by reference to changes in the index. The economic development situation, the index is a good indicator to measure market performance. Horse Forex offers a variety of index trading products, including the Nasdaq index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the German index, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index and many other global first-tier stock market indices."


"US stocks are the starting point for global asset allocation. The US financial market is developed and connected to the capital markets of most countries in the world. With the strength of the US dollar and the recovery of the US economy, the US capital market will become the best way to diversify investment. Horse Forex relies on a number of leading liquidity providers to provide traders with low spreads and experience ultra-fast deals in US stocks. Horse Forex provides you with stock quotes of the world's best companies, you can trade including Apple, Google, Facebook, GM, Amazon, Tesla, Alibaba"


" The cryptocurrency is a huge financial innovation of financial derivatives. The decoupling of digital coins is unique. The number of each type of digital currency cannot be exceeded, and the digital currency cannot be tampered with and is anonymously traded in the market, making it valuable for investment. Horseforex offers you a wide range of cryptocurrency transactions denominated in US dollars to meet your diverse investment needs."

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