Horseforex has strict supervision by multinational supervisors to protect investor rights.


As the world's leading forex broker, horseforex is subject to strict supervision by multinational regulators around the world, holds multiple national operating licenses, meets stringent capital requirements, and complies with internal procedures including risk management, financial disclosure and data review. Therefore, horseforex has high and strict supervision in many places around the world and operates under this supervision. Executing high standards in corporate management and financial reporting and disclosure is your strong and trusted trading partner.

About Australian Regulatory ASIC

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission was established in 2001. The institution is an independent government department. ASIC is the regulator of the Australian banking, securities, and foreign exchange retail industries.

ASIC's primary responsibility is to protect investors in Australia by overseeing corporate and financial services laws. ASIC has long been recognized as one of the world's most rigorous, robust and financially protected financial regulators.

About Mauritius Regulatory FSC

The Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) is an overall regulatory body that manages banking and financial services outside of the global business. Founded in 2001, FSC is in a modern and internationally recognized legal framework that includes financial services law, securities law, and insurance law.

The FSC issues permits, conducts supervision, supervision and supervision of acts in the financial services industry. FSC's development goal is to “become an internationally recognized financial controller dedicated to a sound and competitive financial services centre, sustainable development in Mauritius”

Horseforex holds the FSC license of the Mauritius Financial Services Commission, license number (C157539)

About Dubai DMCC

HorseGroup Group obtained the DMCC license (DMCC-711698) and set up an international service center in the Dubai Free Trade Zone.

The DMCC is an independent government department and independently supervises and manages corporate trade, operations, investment behavior, financial products and services in accordance with the law; it is the regulator of the banking industry in Dubai, securities, foreign exchange, insurance, etc.; it is an important part of Dubai's financial system. component. The DMCC has established several trading platforms. The gold trading volume in the DMCC accounts for about 25% of the global gold trade. Most of the transactions are conducted in the DMCC Free Zone.

The Dubai Diamond Exchange is the only diamond and colored gem exchange in the Middle East. . Since 2002, DMCC has been recognized by investors from all over the world. Its wide recognition is derived from strict financial supervision and management system and direct and efficient execution. It directly considers DMCC and security, and is considered to be the most stringent in the world. One of the financial supervision and management systems.

Funds security

Strict supervision by many countries

Strict separation of funds

Customer protection plan

Cooperate Bank

All Horseforex client funds are deposited in a separate bank account at the approved top AA bank. Horseforex has established partnerships with several of the world's top banking institutions, including Barclays Bank, HSBC, and Citibank, to ensure the safety of client funds in separate accounts.

Anti-money laundering regulations

The detailed procedures of the Australian Anti-Money Laundering Act and Horseforex are built around rigorous guidelines to ensure that funds are safely returned to their original source and beneficiaries. Horseforex monitors funds from various bank accounts outside the country of the account holder and reviews them in accordance with the anti-money laundering framework proposed by the Financial Action Task Force. Under no circumstances does it accept cash deposits or cash, and does not accept any form of Third-party deposits, matching each deposit with the account name on the account. Horseforex reserves the right to refuse to process a transaction at any stage in which it believes that the transaction has any connection with money laundering or criminal activity. According to international law, Horseforex is not obligated to notify customers if suspicious activity is reported to any appropriate regulatory agency or legal body.

Complaint procedure

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